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Subject:Back again....
Time:09:36 pm
Current Mood:highhigh
there has been a long time ago since I'm here.....I had just came back from a wonderful trip, in Stockholm. The most beautiful city in Sweden, and it was a very great experience for me too. Tomorrow I will go to the barber shop, still thinking what kind of hairstyle I should have....can someone tell me???
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Current Music:Christian Walz - I will never be afraid again
Subject:My dream part two.....
Time:04:47 pm
Hello again!
It's vocation again for springbreak...the last time my dream ended up about we're going to Austria.
There is many people at the airplane, well then we met a guy who we didn't met before and asked "why are you guys here?" We took the wrong plane...it's very strange, finally we ended up in Japan........

Have just a conversation with my teacher and my parents, they seems very delighted about my grades. But of course I still to work hard to get some "very good" grades.
My family had a discuss about maybe we plan to have a trip to somewhere... hope it can be something...don't want to stay at home and watch the tv...
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Current Music:Pride - high and mighty colour
Subject:My dream part one.....
Time:09:34 am
Current Mood:calmcalm
Dream dream dream.....I dreamed same dream every night the almost of the week. Strange...............
I dreamed about a man who is the teacher from my school, he spent some money to have a trip with our class. Then we determined that we want to have a trip to Austria....... to be continued......

Anyway I will say the rest of my dream on next time, but now in the real world, my real "dream" is USA and Japan...Those contries are awesome. If you guys lived or have been there..please tell me something about both countries...for example...tradition, famous place/people/.....and shopping of course.
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Current Music:Rurouni Kenshin's ost 2
Subject:Hello again! Long time no see....
Time:04:24 pm
Current Mood:calmcalm
Long time no see....I haven't post for few days ago.
But this week I have a lot of things to do so It's hard for me to have some time in LJ.
My mom has got a new job and from the beginning I don't agree that she has a job. I don't want to see her to work and wake up 6 am every morning.....this is very tough. But today is her's first day at the new job place...and she was fine. I was very worry about her.
And the result of the test is ok...just as I said before about the test.
And also I went to hospital today because I have a friend who has already 3 operations in his head! I can't believe that the doctors can make 2 misstakes in both operations. That is horrible. But now he is fine and I hope he will be at school soon.
The last thing I want to say is "my chinese buisness"...heh, I and a friend have a plan and will buy in some electronic product and then we will sell them. I know in asia is very cheaper if we compare between with europe.
That is all for today.
C ya next time
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Current Music:Nami Tamaki - Reason
Subject:well well well...
Time:03:28 pm
Current Mood:busy
well....this time I will you guys ask me something which you think it's interesting to know.
Just something questions about me...
This week I have a lot of things to do so I don't have much time in LJ.
Tomorrow I will have a test on history..hope I can get a good result.
so that is all for today....next time I will show more pics on my family.

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Subject:school again..........
Time:03:02 pm
Current Mood:nervousnervous
well well well....tomorrow the school starts again.
We are free this week and...I mean holiday.
I think school for all pupils who hate that and many said school is like hell.
hehe..school for me is just about grades, the reasons why I go to school is just about grades and knowledge. In Sweden we need to choose one subject becasue we will go to high school later.
And I also have think about my future....what I want to be when I'm adult? well this question I think everyone here have think about that before. And I also have think about designer, doctor, pilot and business man.
Well what have you guys think what you want to be when you was young?
And what kind of job you are working now?
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Current Music:Mika Arisaka - Life goes on
Subject:Help about livejournal............
Time:10:21 am
Current Mood:tiredtired
I need help about livejournal.......As most of you maight know I'm just an amateur here, and when I see their other member here who has a background on their livejournal page. My livejournal page is just black as background but the problem is how can I change the background...should I browse my file on computer...but where??? I really really want to know about this, and what about style on the page...???
I saw someone here has some special style in their livejournal page even they haven't paid account.
Can someone help me with that....someone please???

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Subject:It sucks.................
Time:01:59 pm
Current Mood:sadsad
Oh....today is my one of worst day in my life. :( :( :( :(
I lost my lovely dog yesterday night....he's name is bob and he is 5 years old.
He has cancer and that is the reason why he died.
I was so so so so sad yesterday and I couldn't sleep all night.
I know that no nother dog can replace my bob...and I was with him when I was 10 years old...
Actually I won't write anything in livejournal but I know that I will feel much better if I tell anyone about what happend with my dog. I cried all night and still sad........
This week sucks....just for few days ago my best friend moved to USA.....
And that's all.....I need to rest now.

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